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'The value of the Humanities.' Trailer, 2014.

'Punk Women and riot Grrls.' First Supper Symposium in Oslo, 12 May 2014.

'Soggettività nomadi e vie di fuga postumane.' University of Bologna, 4 April 2014.

'Indebted Citizenship. An interview with Rosi Braidotti and Andrea Mura.' Open Democracy, 26 February 2014.

'Why matter matters?' At Bern Winter School, February 2013.

'Who are Rosi Braidotti and Donna Haraway?' 5 words with Stine Jansen, March 2013.

'Ik reis dus ik ben.' A conversation with Stine Jensen, April 2012.

'London Riots: A conversation between Rosi Braidotti and Paul Gilroy.' At Utrecht University, 21 September 2011.

'What's up with gender?' Utrecht University Documentary, 2011.

'The End of Human Rights Debate.' A talk with Tariq Ramadan at the "A Struggle for Peace" Conference, 2010.

'In conversation with Rosi Braidotti.' Video interview of the Perpetual Peace Project, June 2010.

'La video-intervista di Annamaria Tagliavini a Rosi Braidotti.' Server Donne, 11 November 2008.

'Intervista con Rosi Braidotti.' Associazione Spazio Interiore e Ambiente (ASIA) at the National Women's Library in Bologna.

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