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Visiting professorships

Summer 2016

The Matteo Ricci Visiting Professorship, Faculty of the Humanities, University of Macerata (Italy). 

Spring Semester 2016

Visiting Professor at the Institute for Comparative Literature and Society, the Heyman Centre for the Humanities, the University of Columbia in New York City.

Autumn Semester 2015

Visiting Professorship in the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Lausanne. Contact: Prof. Eléonore Lépinard

Spring Semester 2014

Francesco De Sanctis Visiting Professorship in the Humanities at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule: ETH) in Zurich. Contact: Prof. Titiana Cravelli

Spring Semester 2011

Distinguished Visiting Professor in the Humanities at the Université Paris 8, Saint-Denis, Départment d’Etudes Féminines. Contact: Prof. Anne  Berger.  

March 2010 – May 2010

Visiting Professor at the Graduate Programme, Law Faculty, University of Bologna. Contact: Prof. Carla Faralli.

September 2007 – August 2010

Visiting Professorship at the Chelsea University of the Arts in  London. Conferred in Recognition of Academic Distinction. Contact: Dr. M. Throp and Dr. M. Walsh. Reconfirmed for a further three years 2010-2013.

September 2007 – August 2010

Honary Visiting Professorship in the Law School of Birckbeck, University of London. Contact: Prof. Linda Mulcahy and Prof. Patrick Hanafin.

April 2007  

Distinguished Faculty Visitor at the University of California Center for Ideas and Society, University of California at Riverside. Delivered three public lectures and two workshops for staff and research students. Contact: Prof. Emory Elliot.

2005 – 2006  

The Leverhulme Trust, Visiting Professorship in the Law School of Birckbeck College, University of  London. Contact: Prof. Costas Douzinas and Prof.  Patrick Hanafin.

November – December 2004   

Distinguished Visting Professor in the Grinell College Center for the Humanities, Iowa, USA. Master class on “Contemporary developments in feminist theory”. Contact: Prof. Alan Scrift.    

October 2004   

Honorary Visiting Professorship in the School of Law, University of Birkbeck. Contact: Prof. Costas

2001 – 2003  

Jean Monnet Chair Professor at the European Institute, Florence. Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies Recurrent visitor in the Gender Programme. Contact: Prof. Yves Mény.

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